untitled (1997)

Jerome Spencer’s 20-page chapbook of poetry, untitled (1997), sparks a feeling of suburban nostalgia for a bygone era.

Remember when your homie shared their location with the honk of a car horn to pick you up outside your parents house; when the only way to pull up a song you wanted to hear was to put a CD in and hope it didn’t skip; when the anxious minutes waiting for the next thing to happen were spent chain-smoking cigarettes with youthful lungs; when boredom led you jumping over chainlink fences.

On January 25, 2020, we released untitled (1997) and convened at the soon-to-be-opening Kobros Coffee in Norfolk, Virginia. With performances from Terry Cloth and Recital and a DJ set from Dracula’s Curse, along with a slideshow of photographs recalling the imagery from the poems and a projection of letters by Jerome Spencer, the night unfolded with a hint of the youthful abandonment found in Spencer’s poetry.

The documentation below includes a few selections from untitled (1997), as well as photographs from the sideshow and the release event.